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In the world of language proficiency testing, the Cambridge 10 Test 2 is a significant milestone. Acing this test requires not only strong language skills but also access to reliable answers for the listening section. This article is your one-stop solution, offering you valuable information on Cambridge 10 Test 2 listening answers and much more.

Cambridge 10 Test 2 Listening Answers

Do you need Cambridge 10 Test 2 listening answers? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve curated the answers to all your questions regarding this test.

Understanding the Test

To succeed in the Cambridge 10 Test 2 listening section, you must first understand its structure. This section assesses your ability to comprehend and respond to spoken English. Familiarizing yourself with the test format and expectations is essential for achieving a high score.

Cambridge IELTS Book 10 Listening Answer Key

Cambridge 10 Listening Test 2 Answers

Section – 1

Transport Survey

Transport Survey Listening Answers

1. Hardie
2. 19
3. GT8 2LC
4.  hairdresser
5. dentist / dentist’s

6. lighting
7. trains
8. safe
9. shower
10. training

Section – 2

New City Developments

New City Developments Listening Answers

11. A
12. C
13. C
14. A
15. E

16. F
17. D
18. H
19. A
20. B

Section – 3

The later life of Thor Heyerdahl

The later life of Thor Heyerdahl Listening Answers

25. A

26. C
27. C
28. A
29. B
30. A

Section – 4

The Future of Management

The future of Management Listening Answers

31. competition
32. global
33. demand
34. customers
35. regulation

36. project
37. flexible
38. leadership
39. women
40. self-employed


Q: Are the Cambridge 10 Test 2 listening answers the same every year? 

A: No, the questions and answers change with each test administration. It’s crucial to use up-to-date materials.

Q: How can I improve my listening skills for this test?

A: Practice regularly with listening materials, such as podcasts, news, and audiobooks. Try to decipher main ideas and details.

Q: What’s the passing score for Cambridge 10 Test 2? 

A: The passing score varies, but aiming for 70% or higher is a good goal.

Q: Can I take the test online? 

A: The test can be paper-based or computer-based, depending on the test center.

Q: Is there a speaking section in Cambridge 10 Test 2?

A: Yes, there is a speaking section, but this article primarily focuses on the listening section.

Q: Is there any negative marking for wrong answers?

A: No, there is no negative marking, so it’s better to guess if you’re unsure.


Succeeding in the Cambridge 10 Test 2 listening section is within your reach. By understanding the test format, using trustworthy resources, and practicing actively, you can enhance your listening skills and confidently tackle this exam.

Don’t forget to stay updated with the latest test materials and answer keys. Best of luck with your Cambridge 10 Test 2 journey!

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