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If you aspire to pursue a Ph.D. with a fully funded scholarship from one of the world’s most renowned companies, seize the opportunity presented by the Facebook Fellowship Program. This article delves into the specifics of the program, outlining its benefits and providing a step-by-step guide to the application process.

The Facebook Fellowship Program for the academic year 2024-2025 extends a fully funded scholarship to international students focusing on doctoral research studies. This scholarship encompasses coverage for two years of study and associated fees, an annual stipend and assistance for conference travel.

The fellowships specifically target disciplines in computer science, computer engineering, or related fields. Successful fellowship recipients stand to gain support for two years of study and fees, an annual stipend, and aid for travel expenses related to conferences.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: PhD
  • Institution(s): Facebook
  • Study in An accredited university in any country
  • Opportunity Focus Areas: See the list below
  • Program Period: Two years.
  • Deadline: September 20, 2024 (Application will open in August)

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Facebook PhD Fellowship 2024 | Fully Funded Coverage

Recipients of the Facebook Fellowship Program enjoy several benefits, including:

  1. A $42,000 grant, provided as a one-time payment during each academic year.
  2. Full coverage of tuition and fees for the academic year, extending up to two years or four semesters.
  3. Up to $5,000 in support for conference travel.
  4. An opportunity for a paid visit to the Facebook headquarters to attend the annual Fellowship Summit.

It’s important to note that the tuition funds are disbursed directly to the educational institution, while the stipend is sent directly to the fellow unless otherwise specified. Additionally, stipends are subject to taxation by local laws.

Courses Offered

  • Applied Statistics
  • AR/VR Computer Graphics
  • AR/VR Photonics and Optics
  • AR/VR Future Technologies
  • Blockchain and Cryptoeconomics
  • Computational Social Science
  • Computer Vision
  • Database Systems
  • Distributed Systems
  • Economics and Computation
  • Energy Efficient Video
  • Compression
  • Instagram/FB App Well-being and Safety
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Networking Applied Statistics
  • Privacy and Data Use
  • Programming Languages
  • Security and Privacy
  • Social and Economic Policy
  • Spoken Language Processing and Audio Classification
  • Systems for Machine Learning

For more information on our topical areas of interest please visit the website here.

Eligibility Criteria for the Facebook Fellowship Program

To be eligible for the Facebook Fellowship Program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Required Language: English
  • Eligible Countries: All world countries
  • Students work must be related to one or more relevant disciplines (see research areas above)
  • Full-time PhD students who are currently involved in ongoing research who are enrolled in an accredited university in any country
  • Students must be enrolled during the academic year(s) the Fellowship is awarded
  • First or second-year PhD students who fit the criteria of a minority group that is under-represented* in the technology sector have the option of being evaluated for an Emerging Scholar Award.
  • Applications will be evaluated based on the strength of the student’s research statement, publication record, and recommendation letters.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions for the Facebook Fellowship program.

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How to Apply for the Facebook Fellowship Program:

Follow these steps to participate in the Facebook Fellowship Program:

  1. Stay informed by regularly checking the application page available HERE.
  2. All applicants must utilize their Facebook account for the application process.
  3. Applications must contain:
    • Resume or CV, featuring email, phone, and mailing address, along with relevant coursework details.
    • A 1-2 page research summary clearly outlining the focus area, its significance to the field, and its applicability to Facebook during the award period (referencing the specified research areas).
    • Upload 2 letters of recommendation with your application. Include reference email addresses, ensuring that one reference is from an academic adviser.
  4. When completing the application, you’ll be prompted to input email addresses for your references. They will receive an email containing a link to submit their letters. Accuracy in providing contact information for your references is crucial.
  5. The application system allows you to save your progress or submit it after entering information. You have the flexibility to revisit and edit your application until the due date.

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To apply or learn more about the Facebook PhD Fellowship 2024 | Fully Funded, kindly visit:

Official Website

Frequently Asked Questions

How competitive is the selection process?

The selection process for the Facebook PhD Fellowship 2024 | Fully Funded is rigorous, attracting top-tier candidates worldwide. The emphasis is not only on academic excellence but also on the potential for impactful research.

What sets the Facebook PhD Fellowship apart from others?

Unlike traditional fellowships, the Facebook PhD Fellowship 2024 | Fully Funded goes beyond financial support. It provides a unique blend of mentorship, industry exposure, and a collaborative community, setting it apart as a holistic academic experience.

Can I apply if my research is interdisciplinary?

Absolutely! The Facebook PhD Fellowship 2024 | Fully Funded encourages interdisciplinary research. Whether your expertise lies at the intersection of technology and humanities or any other cross-disciplinary field, your application is welcome.

Are there specific research themes Facebook is interested in?

While there are no rigid themes, Facebook is particularly interested in research contributing to the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and social impact. However, all innovative and impactful research proposals are considered.

How does the mentorship component work?

Mentorship is a cornerstone of the Facebook PhD Fellowship 2024 | Fully Funded. Successful applicants are paired with experienced mentors from Facebook, providing guidance, industry insights, and invaluable support throughout their doctoral journey.

Is there post-fellowship support for alumni?

Yes, the support doesn’t end with the fellowship. Alumni of the Facebook PhD Fellowship 2024 | Fully Funded continue to enjoy access to a network of scholars, resources, and exclusive events, fostering lifelong connections and opportunities.

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In conclusion, the Facebook PhD Fellowship 2024 | Fully Funded is not just a financial aid program; it’s a transformative journey that propels scholars into a realm of unparalleled opportunities. As you consider applying, envision the impact your research could have with the support of this prestigious fellowship.

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