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The brighter Investment scholarship In 2009, our CEO Thijs moved to Mexico to complete his business degree and work on a project for a local real estate developer. One evening after hopping into a cab, he struck up a conversation with the driver to practice his (still) limited Spanish skills and ended up going to his house for a BBQ (warm, generous Mexican culture for you!). There, he met the cab driver’s younger brother who was incredibly bright  –  he was at the top of his class in school –  but unfortunately didn’t have the capital needed to pursue further education. With the help of some colleagues, it didn’t take long pull together that capital for him. And, as he kept in touch, Thijs noticed how great the return on Brighter investment was on the small donation they made into his education - much larger than the ROI for their real estate work!


That very first seed planted in Thijs’ head resulted in a trip years later to to find out why, despite the clearly high ROI, so many students are unable to pay for a degree. After talking to students, teachers, bankers and scholarship providers on three continents, Thijs met Richard on a university campus in Ghana. At that time, Richard was about to complete his Physics degree, had worked as a project manager for UNICEF, and was working for the Education branch of Google. Having faced difficulty paying for his degree himself, and through his work being confronted with students daily that were facing similar issues, Richard had a strong desire to solve this problem.

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The Brighter Investment Scholarship in Ghana is a great opportunity for students in the country to pursue higher education. The scholarship is funded by the Brighter Investment Trust and aims to provide financial assistance to talented students who may not have the necessary resources to pursue their studies. The scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses, and other expenses related to education. It also provides mentorship and career guidance to the students. This scholarship is open to students from all backgrounds and academic levels. It is available to those studying in Ghanaian universities, colleges, and other higher education institutions. To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must have a strong academic record, demonstrate financial need, and be committed to using their education to contribute to Ghanas development. They must also demonstrate that they are able to manage their studies, as well as their personal lives.

2nd Floor Newman Plaza
Darkuman Junction – Accra

The application process is quite simple and straightforward. Applicants must submit an application form, along with documents such as academic transcripts, proof of financial need, and a personal statement. Once the application is reviewed and approved, students will receive their scholarship award. The Brighter Investment Scholarship in Ghana is an excellent opportunity for those wishing to pursue higher education in the country. It provides the necessary financial support to help students pursue their dreams and reach their full potential. This scholarship is open to all Ghanaian citizens who wish to pursue higher education in Ghana. The scholarship covers tuition fees, travel expenses, and other costs associated with attending university. The amount of the scholarship is determined by the individuals financial need. The Brighter Investment Scholarship in Ghana is a great way to help those in need of financial assistance to pursue their educational dreams. It is also a great way to give back to the community and help build a brighter future for the country. It is an important step towards a brighter future for the country.

Fully Financed Education

Are you a talented student and know higher education would kickstart your dream career. Unfortunately, you lack the financial means to do so. Brighter Investment has developed an investment model that may be able to help you out.

If selected for our program we’ll pay your tuition fees and housing costs for the remainder of your education as long as you keep your study results good. You’ll also receive a monthly stipend for books and living expenses. Our program is available for both new freshmen and continuing students.

Degrees we support in Ghana

In Ghana you can apply for our funding if you are studying or want to study one of the following degrees. They are constantly adding new degrees and sometimes we remove some of the degrees, so check back regularly for the latest list.

Ho Technical University

HND Electrical/Electronic Engineering
HND Statistics
HND Accountancy
HND Mechanical Engineering

 Kumasi Technical University

BTech Chemical Engineering
Diploma in Computerized Accounting
HND Building Technology
HND Accountancy
HND Accounting with Computing
HND Chemical Engineering
HND Electrical/Electronic Engineering
HND Mechanical Engineering
HND Dispensing Technology
BSc Chemical Engineering
BTech Civil Engineering
BSc Mechanical Engineering
BSc Financial Accounting
HND Computer Science
HND Estate Management
HND Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management
HND Purchasing and Supply
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
BTech Electrical/Electronic Engineering
HND Statistics

 Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

BSc Actuarial Science
BA Economics
BSc Land Economy
BSc Biomedical Engineering
BSc Civil Engineering
BSc Electrical & Electronic Engineering
BSc Telecommunication Engineering
BSc Geological Engineering
BSc Petrochemical Engineering
BSc Petroleum Engineering
BSc Aerospace Engineering
BSc Medical Laboratory Technology
BSc Materials Engineering
BSc Metallurgical Engineering
BSc Mechanical Engineering
BSc Agribusiness Management
BSc Physician Assistantship
BSc Business Administration
BSc Real Estate Management
BSc Agricultural Biotechnology
BSc Agricultural Engineering
BSc Agriculture
BSc Post Harvest Technology
BSc Dairy & Meat Science & Technology
BSc Food Science and Technology
BSc Nursing
BSc Sonography
BSc Emergency Nursing
BSc Computer Engineering
BSc Biochemistry
BSc Chemical Engineering
BSc Chemistry
BSc Mathematics
BSc Statistics
BSc Geomatic (Geodesic) Engineering
MPhil Agricultural Machinery Engineering
MPhil Agro-Environmental Engineering
MSc Analytical Chemistry
Bsc Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
MPharm Clinical Pharmacology
MPharm Clinical Pharmacy
MSc Construction Project Management
MSc Construction Technology
MSc Disability, Rehabilitation, and Development
MSc Environmental Chemistry
MSc Environmental Resources Management
EM Business Administration
MSc Food and Post-Harvest Engineering
MA Geography and Rural Development
MSc Horticultural Biotechnology
Master of Architecture
MPSM Public Sector Management
MSc Business Admistration
MSc Material Science
MSc Construction Management
MSc Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality control
MSc Pharmaceutical Microbiology
MPharm Pharmaceutical Microbiology
MSc Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism
MSc Seed Science and Technology
MPhil Soil and Water Engineering
MSc Thermofluids Engineering
MSc Vegetable Crop – Olericulture
MSc Agricultural Engineering
MSc Agricultural Machinery Engineering
MPhil Agronomy -Crop Physiology
MPhil Agronomy (Plant Breeding)
MSc Animal Monogastric and Ruminant Nutrition and Management
MPhil Animal Nutrition
MPhil Reproductive Physiology
MSc Crop Protection (Nematology)
MPhil Crop Protection (Entomology)
MSc Biopharmaceuticals and Pharmacokinetics
MSc Chemical Engineering
MSc Clinical Microbiology
MPharm Clinical Pharmacology
MPhil Clinical Pharmacology
MSc Clinical Pharmacy
MSc Mineral Exploration
MSc Soil and Water Engineering
MSE Oil and Gas with Management (Mid and Downstream)
MSE Industrial Operations with Management
MSE Systems Engineering with Management
MSc Information and Communication Technology with Management
MSc Environmental Science
MSc Food Quality Management
MSc Industrial Finance and Investment
MSc Development Management
MSc Accounting
MSc Economics
MSc Project Management
MSc Development Finance
BSc Construction Technology & Management

 Regional Maritime University

BSc Electrical/Electronic Engineering
BSc Marine Engineering
BSc Ports and Shipping Administration
BSc Logistics Management
Diploma Electrical/Electronic Engineering
Diploma Ports and Shipping Administration
Diploma Nautical Science
MA in Ports and Shipping Administration

 Takoradi Technical University

BTech in Civil Engineering
BTech in Electrical Engineering
BTech in Hospitality Management
BTech in Mechanical Engineering
HND Commercial Art in Graphic Design
HND Tourism Management
HND Civil Engineering
HND Construction Engineering & Management
HND Electrical/Electronics Engineering
HND Mechanical Engineering in Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
HND Mechanical Engineering in Plant
HND Purchasing and Supply

 University for development studies

BSc Accounting with Computing
BSc Accounting with Finance
BSc Mathematics With Economics
BSc Agriculture Technology
BSc Food Processing Technology
BSc Nurse Anaesthesia
BSc Nurse Practitioner
BSc Nursing
BSc Applied Chemistry
BSc Biochemistry
BSc Mathematical Science
BSc Environmental Science
MPhil Soil & Water Conservation & Management
MPhil Biotechnology
MSc Horticulture
MSc Applied Statistics
MSc Mathematics/Computational Mathematics
MSc Community Health and Development (Modular)
MPhil Community Health and Development (Modular)
BSc Mathematical Science – Statistics Option
BSc Renewable Natural Resources

 University of cape coast

BSc Engineering Physics
BSc Laboratory Technology
BSc Medical Laboratory Science
BSc Nursing
BSc Biochemistry
BSc Chemistry
BSc Industrial Chemistry
BSc Mathematics & Statistics
MPhil Geography and Regional Planning
MSc Economics
MPhil Economics
MPhil Mathematics
MPhil Statistics
MPhil Development Studies
MPhil Agricultural Economics
Bcom Accounting
BSc Tourism Management

 University of Ghana

BSc Business Administration Accounting
BSc Business Administration Banking & Finance
BSc Biomedical Engineering
BSc Material Science & Engineering
BSc Business Administration Insurance
BSc Public Administration
BSc Cell, and Molecular Biology
BSc Oceanography and Fisheries
BSc Nutrition and Food Science
BSc Computer Engineering
BSc Computer Science
BSc Biochemistry
BSc Chemistry
BSc Mathematical Sciences
MPhil Management Information Systems
MBA Human Resource Management
MPhil Human Resource Management
MPA Public Administration
MPhil Public Administration
MBA International Business
MPhil Marketing
MBA Accounting
MPhil Accounting
MBA Finance
MPhil Risk Management and Insurance
MBA Marketing
EMBA Finance
MBA Health Services Administration
MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management
EMBA Human Resource Management
MBA Management Information Systems
WMBA Marketing
EMBA Project management
EMBA Accounting and Financial Services Management
MSc Development Finance
MA Management and Administration
MPhil Engineering Geology
MSc Geology
MPhil Geology
MPhil Statistics
MSE Computer Engineering
MPhil Computer Engineering
MSE Agricultural Engineering
MPhil Agricultural Engineering
MPhil Food Process Engineering
MSc Dietetics
Msc Medical Laboratory Sciences
MPhil Chemical Pathology
MPhil Anatomy
MPhil Medical Microbiology
BSc Agriculture
BSc Business Administration Marketing Option
BSc Business Administration E- Commerce and Customer Management
PhD Entomology

 University of Health and Allied Sciences

Bsc Nursing
Bsc Public Health Nursing
Bsc Physician Assistantship
Bsc Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Bsc Disease Control

 University of Mines and Technology

BSc Electrical and Electronics Eng
BSc Geological Engineering
BSc Minerals Engineering
BSc Mining Engineering
BSc Petroleum Engineering
BSc Mechanical Engineering
BSc Mathematics
BSc Computer Science Engineering
BSc Geomatic Engineering
MSc Geological Engineering
MPhil Mining Engineering
MSc Mining Engineering
MPhil Minerals Engineering
MSc Minerals Engineering
MPhil Petroleum Engineering
MSc Petroleum Engineering
MPhil Mechanical Engineering
MSc Mechanical Engineering
MPhil Electrical & Electronic Engineering
MSc Electrical & Electronic Engineering
BSc Renewable Energy Engineering
BSc Environmental & Safety Engineering

Do your students deserve the opportunity of higher education? Recommend them for our financing program.

Our investors pay for your students’ degrees. Repayments only start after graduation and are based on a graduate’s income level, no student ends up with insurmountable debt. To qualify, students require a recommendation from you, their high school teacher or tertiary education lecturer. Recommending a student is quick and easy through our online application platform:

The scholarship is been awarded for Degree students, Undergraduate Students And Masters Students.

Minimal Financial Risk Brighter Investment

You repay a fixed percentage of your income and only once you find your first job. That way, if you earn a lot you pay a bit more, and if you earn less you aren’t stuck with a loan you can’t repay. The exact repayment terms depend on your study program and application, but repayment is typically 25% for 6-7 years if you require 4 years of financial support. The repayment period is proportionally shorter if you require support for less than 4 years.

After the repayment period, all students are debt free, no matter the amount they have repaid. If selected, one of our colleagues will walk you through the agreement and answer all your questions so you fully understand all the details before you sign up.

Mentorship & Career Success Brighter Investment

We don’t accept any student, we are looking for the brightest ones. To find out if you qualify complete our application process. Beyond being bright, to further ensure your success, we will pair you up with a mentor to help you study and to support your job search. Start your application now by providing us with the contact details of one of your teachers. Based on their recommendation and your application we will provide you with an individualized financing offer for you to accept or reject.

The Brighter Mentoring Program

At Brighter Investment, we do not only give students a cheque. We are committed to ensuring that our students succeed in school and at work while impacting positively on their immediate communities and the world at large.

The Brighter Mentoring Program combines onsite peer mentoring and virtual one-on-one professional mentoring with industry learning through internships and volunteering. Junior students work hand-in-hand with senior students to master course work and understand the dynamics of university life. Senior students on the other hand work with industry professionals on monthly tasks geared at enabling their successful transition from school to the world of work.

With over 600 committed senior students and industry professionals serving as mentors on the Brighter Mentoring Program, students are more confident in their chosen career paths and attest to being more certain about landing a great job after graduation. Indeed, the future of every one of our students is BRIGHT!

How to Apply Brighter Investment

Visit the official website of Brighter Investment.

1. Visit the Brighter Investment website ( and click theScholarships tab.

2. Read the eligibility criteria to ensure you are qualified to apply.

3. Download and complete the Brighter Investment Scholarship application form.

4. Attach the required documents, such as your academic certificates, transcript, CV, and any other supporting documents.

5. Submit the application form and documents to the address provided on the website.

6. Wait for the selection committee to review your application and contact you if you are selected.

All The Best In Your Journey.



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