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Taken from the complete job listing

  • Remote Work Opportunity: Work from the comfort of your home.
  • Location: Available for individuals in the Canterbury area with potential earnings of £500+ per month.
  • Job Type: This is a permanent, part-time position with the code Mii1033.

Job Summary:

Pay: £500 a week
Shift and schedule: Weekend availability

Do you aspire to have an additional monthly income?

Are you interested in becoming one of the growing numbers of people with multiple income streams?

This role offers an extra income avenue, allowing you to work from home, with flexible hours to match your lifestyle.

Requirements: It is crucial to reside in the UK and possess the necessary work eligibility.

We have established a two-decade partnership with one of the UK’s most successful organizations.

Our expansion aims to assist homeowners in the Ashford region, and we’re seeking individuals to join our team. We are looking for those who desire more control over their schedule to pursue their passions.

We collaborate with the UK’s sole authentic multi-service utility provider, renowned for winning over 80 Which Uswitch and Defaqto awards in the past decade. This aids the UK population in economizing on household essentials like groceries, and fuel costs.

If you’re a busy individual with only 8-10 spare hours on evenings or weekends each week, you could potentially build a continuous, life-changing income for yourself and your family.

Would the prospect of earning up to £250 plus bonuses for about an hour’s work be advantageous to you, especially considering the current high cost of living and mortgage interest challenges? Remember, this is typically in addition to your current income.

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Experience is not a prerequisite. We offer comprehensive training, mentoring, and continual support from day one.

Our business is not focused on selling products; it’s centered on assisting people in improving how they manage their everyday expenses, making it simpler, more effective, and cost-efficient.

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If you meet the following criteria:

  • You’re over 21
  • You’re seeking a change
  • You enjoy helping others
  • You want to combat the rising cost of living
  • You’re looking to build a retirement fund
  • You desire more leisure time with family
  • You aim to save for a mortgage or pay one off early

And, of course, you must reside in the Canterbury area and have eligibility to work in the UK.


To apply or learn more about the Lifestyle role – Work from Home – Jobs in Uk, kindly visit:

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FAQs about Lifestyle role – Work from Home – Jobs in the UK

Q: Are remote jobs in the UK legitimate? 

A: Yes, many legitimate companies offer remote work opportunities in the UK. Research and choose reputable employers.

Q: How do I find a Lifestyle role – Work from Home – Jobs in the UK? 

A: Job search websites, company career pages, and networking are great ways to discover remote job openings.

Q: What equipment do I need for remote work? 

A: Depending on your role, a computer, high-speed internet, and specific software may be required.

Q: Can I negotiate my salary for a remote job? 

A: Absolutely! Just like traditional jobs, salary negotiations are common in remote work.

Q: What are the tax implications of working from home in the UK? 

A: Consult with a tax expert to understand the tax regulations for remote workers in the UK.

Q: How can I stay motivated when working from home?

A: Create a routine, set goals, and reward yourself for accomplishments to stay motivated.

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