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This scholarship program provides the opportunity to pursue postgraduate or continuing education in Germany in the field of Performing Arts. The scholarships aim to facilitate education continuation and foster the exchange of experiences and networking among colleagues.

Who can apply:

You are eligible to apply if you have obtained a first university degree in the Performing Arts field at the latest by the time you start your scholarship-supported study program.

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What can be funded:

The study program supports either:

  1. A Master’s degree or postgraduate degree leading to a final qualification, or
  2. A complementary course that does not lead to a final qualification (not an undergraduate course) You can pursue this at a state or state-recognized German university of your choice. Note that a Master’s degree program in Germany that has already started at the time of the application deadline cannot be funded.

If you are enrolled in a Master’s or postgraduate degree program that includes a study period abroad, funding for this period is usually possible under specific conditions. The study visit must be essential for achieving the scholarship objective, not in the home country, and no longer than a quarter of the scholarship period.

Please note: This program exclusively funds projects in the artistic field of the Performing Arts, including Drama, Theatre Directing/Theatre Dramaturgy, Musicals, Performance Studies, Dance, and Choreography. Other DAAD scholarship programs are available for applicants from the fields of Theatre and Dance Studies or artists with a scientific project.

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Duration of the funding:

Postgraduate study programs leading to a final qualification:

  • Between 10 and 24 months depending on the length of the chosen study program or project
  • Start: usually from October 1st of the following year, or earlier if a German language course is taken before the study program Complementary studies not leading to a final qualification:
  • One academic year
  • Start: usually from October 1st of the following year, or earlier if a German language course is taken before the study program


  • A monthly payment of 934 euros
  • Travel allowance
  • One-time study allowance
  • Payments towards health, accident, and personal liability insurance cover
  • Additional benefits under certain circumstances, such as monthly rent subsidy, monthly allowance for accompanying family members, and more.

To enable scholarship holders to learn German in preparation for their stay in the country, DAAD offers language course services and reimbursement for language tests.

Selection: A special DAAD committee, consisting of professors from German universities, makes the final decision about scholarships in the field of the Performing Arts. The decision is based on written applications and work samples submitted by applicants.

Selection criteria:

  • Artistic qualification and maturity, measured by study achievements and work samples
  • Quality of the project as measured by the study plan and the letter of motivation The selection committee also considers aspects of equal opportunities.


To learn more about the Study Scholarships – Postgraduate Studies in the Field of the Performing Arts, kindly visit:

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