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Starting your journey into higher education is a big step, and getting a scholarship can make it easier. The University College London Scholarships 2024 are here to support students like you in achieving success in your chosen fields.

Scholarship Summary

  • Value: £15,000 (for one year)
  • Available to Prospective students
  • Selection criteria: Financial need
  • Eligible fee status: Abroad
  • Eligible programmes:  postgraduate
  • Deadline: 5 pm BST, Tuesday 7 May 2024

University College London is renowned globally for providing an outstanding educational experience to students, regardless of their academic background, chosen degree, or nationality. For international students, the annual tuition fees for a degree course at University College London are approximately £26,000.

To provide financial support to incoming students, especially those from abroad, the university offers scholarships, employment opportunities, and bursaries. The availability of University College London scholarships is significant due to the numerous on-campus employment opportunities provided to international students. It’s worth noting that many of these scholarships for international students on a UK Student Visa are granted in collaboration with external organizations.

University College London Scholarships Outlined

At the undergraduate level, University College London offers a total of 26 scholarships for incoming students. Out of these, only 8 scholarships are available to international students. These include:

  1. Denys Holland Scholarship (£5,000 per year)
  2. UPC Progression Scholarships (£5,000 per year)
  3. University College London Hong Kong Scholarships Fund (£5,000)
  4. UPCE Progression Scholarship (£5,000 per year)

Unfortunately, none of these 8 scholarships are accessible to Indian students starting their undergraduate studies at UCL. You can check Scholarships for Indian Students here.

University College London Scholarships for Postgraduate Programs

For postgraduate students, University College London provides scholarships in collaboration with organizations such as the British Council. Currently, there are 31 scholarships available to international students starting doctoral and master’s programs at University College London.

Out of these 31 scholarships, Indian students have access to only three scholarship programs: Commonwealth Scholarships, Commonwealth Shared Scholarships, and British Chevening Scholarships. These scholarships offer various benefits, including coverage of tuition fees and a stipend to assist with travel and accommodation expenses in the UK.

Details of all these University College London scholarships are given below:

Chevening Scholarship: 

Available to both graduate-taught and graduate research students, the Chevening Scholarship program recognizes outstanding students and potential leaders from across the world.


  • The university offers a 20% tuition fee waiver


  • At least 65% in previous qualification; IELTS score 6.5+ or equivalent; 2+ years of work experience

Application Process: 

  • Completion of a country-specific scholarship application.

Commonwealth UK Scholarships:

The scholarship program is designed to support students belonging to commonwealth countries such as Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, etc.

  • Thesis grant, tuition fees, travel expenses; monthly expenses.


  • 65% in science & 60% in Social Science; below 40 years of age; member of eligible country for Commonwealth scholarships

Application Process: 

  • Applications to be made via the National Nominating Agency.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship: 

Applicable to students, from commonwealth countries, commencing master’s degree in the UK.

  • Tuition fees, approved airfare, living expenses, thesis grant


  • above 75% in previous academic qualifications; not sponsored; citizen of Commonwealth countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Application Process: 

  • Complete the Commonwealth Shared scholarship application before December 18.

Eligibility criteria for University College London Scholarships 2024

Candidates can be from any country outside the UK but must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Eligibility to pay the Overseas fee rate.
  2. Come from a lower income background*.
  3. Have submitted a complete admission application (including the submission of references) for a full-time Master’s degree at UCL in the academic year 2024/25. Please note: Distance-learning options are not eligible for this fund; students must be coming to the UK to attend UCL in person.

University College London Scholarships for International Students

1. Bartlett Promise Ph.D. Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Full Tuition Coverage, Annual Living Stipend
  • Degrees Offered: Ph.D.

The Bartlett Promise Ph.D. The scholarship is unique as it is awarded to only five international applicants. Similar to the scholarships discussed earlier, the Bartlett Scholarship Council determines awardees based on academic merit, financial need, and personal considerations.

For detailed entry requirements and application deadlines, please visit the scholarship website. If you have inquiries about UCL scholarship programs, feel free to drop your comments.

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2. Bartlett Promise Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Scholarship Amount: Full Tuition, Annual Living Stipend
  • Degrees Offered: Undergraduate

The Bartlett Promise Undergraduate Scholarship, available to only ten applicants, stands as one of the most esteemed awards for international undergraduates. This scholarship, based on academic merit and financial need, was established by University College London to support the academic endeavours of talented individuals.

Given its prestigious benefits, the entry requirements for this University College London scholarship may be stringent. If you are an international applicant, be sure to review the eligibility criteria first. If you meet all the scholarship requirements, proceed to the scholarship application section to initiate the application process.

3. Bartlett Promise Master’s Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Full Tuition Coverage, Annual Living Stipend
  • Degrees Offered: Master’s

Similar to the previous award, the Bartlett Promise Master’s Scholarship is limited to ten applicants and is granted based on academic merit, personal considerations, and financial need. If you are an international applicant, please review this scholarship at University College London using the provided link. There are various variations of this scholarship program, so it is crucial to carefully read each detail.

Lastly, it’s important to note that the Bartlett Foundation established this scholarship program to assist students from underrepresented backgrounds. If you are from a country that is underrepresented in the United Kingdom, you may have a higher chance of receiving this scholarship compared to other applicants.

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University College London Acceptance Rate of Courses

According to the latest 2022 report from University College London, the university received 47,884 applications and had an acceptance rate of 63%. This figure encompasses both full-time and part-time students, with 40,996 enrolled in full-time programs and 6,888 in part-time programs. While University College London is moderately selective, gaining admission to its programs is considered challenging. The level of competitiveness varies among courses and is influenced by factors such as the program’s popularity and the quantity and quality of applications received.


To learn more about the University College London Scholarships 2024, kindly visit:

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FAQs On University College London Scholarships

1. University College London Ranking?

University College London (UCL) was consistently ranked among the top universities globally. It often ranked in the top 10 or top 20 in various international rankings.

2. Does University College London offer scholarships to international students?

Yes, University College London (UCL) does offer scholarships to international students. UCL provides a range of scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students, including those from outside the United Kingdom. These scholarships may be based on academic merit, financial need, or other specific criteria. Some scholarships are funded by UCL itself, while others may be offered in collaboration with external organizations.

3. How hard is it to get into UCL as an international student?

Admission to University College London (UCL) can be competitive, and the difficulty of getting accepted as an international student can depend on various factors, including the program of study, academic qualifications, and the number of applicants in a given year.

4. How much is UCL for international students?

The tuition fees for international students at University College London (UCL) Are:

  • In the academic year 2024/25, there are a total of 85 scholarships available, and specifically, five of these are intended for students from India. Each scholarship has a value of £15,000.
  • The scholarship is valid for one year, except for full-time programs that extend over two years. In such cases, the scholarship will be distributed evenly, with 50% awarded each year.
  • Recipients of the UCL Global Masters Scholarship can also receive other scholarships, studentships, awards, or bursaries. However, the UCL award amount may be adjusted based on the total value of additional funds received.
  • It is mandatory for scholarship recipients to promptly inform the UCL Student Funding Office of any other funding they receive for their UCL Master’s degree studies, whether obtained before or after being awarded the UCL Global Masters Scholarship.
  • The scholarship will first be applied to cover the recipient’s tuition fees. Any remaining amount will be paid to the recipient in three equal installments throughout the academic year to support their living expenses.

5. Is UCL as good as Harvard?

University College London (UCL) and Harvard University are both prestigious institutions, but they have some key differences. Comparing UCL to Harvard involves considering various factors, including academic reputation, resources, faculty, and the overall student experience.

6. Can I get full scholarship in London?

Obtaining a full scholarship in London, including at institutions like University College London (UCL), is possible but highly competitive. Full scholarships often cover tuition fees, living expenses, and sometimes additional costs such as travel and materials. Scholarships can be merit-based, need-based, or a combination of both.

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